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We Offer A Wide Selection Of Precast Products

Wrought Iron in Buffalo Metro Area

Pre Cast Steps and Wrought Iron Rails by Bison Iron & Step

Our expert wrought iron fabrication team can easily fabricate and install Bison Steps in just a few hours. We fabricate Bison steps at the shop utilizing a specific concrete mix designed especially for your unique pre-cast steps. Prior to installation, of your new steps, the experts at Bison Iron & Step will completely remove your former step system and completely clean up the area and dispose of all debris.

Brick and stone veneer steps are available as well as an added aesthetic option for a nominal fee. We must caution you that once your steps are installed that you should NEVER use SALT or any type of chemical deicers on your concrete steps.
Precast Stair House Front - Ornamental Iron Work Sales in Buffalo, NY
The experts at Bison Iron & Step recommend instead using sand, sawdust or kitty litter in icy winter conditions. We have a wide variety and selection of sizes and riser-heights including 3', 4', 5', 6' and 8' foot sizes and risers to suit your site. We offer special discounted prices for customer pick-ups on 1, 2, and 3 riser steps.

Custom Fabricated Wrought Iron Rails by Bison Iron & Step

Iron Railings - Ornamental Iron Work Sales in Buffalo, NY
Bison Iron & Step dips its rails in industrial grade primer, first as soon as the rails have drip dried, then they are dipped again in black enamel paint to give them that rich wrought iron look and then we allow them again to drip dry. We use this dipping paint process to put the maximum amount of a durable finish on your railing system.

For an extra smooth highly refined finish on your wrought iron railings powder coating is also available for an extra nominal fee. Since we can remove old railings and install new wrought iron railings in just a few hours, all year round, the expert fabrication and installation team at Bison Iron & Step does not repair old railings.
Standard building codes for wrought iron window guards require that at least one of your bedroom windows be accessible to open and exit in case of emergency. We can install quick release panic hardware to be mounted on your window guards. Vinyl and aluminum railings are also available. The expert fabrication and installation team Bison Iron & Step Inc. exclusively creates and installs wrought iron fencing and gates.

Bison Iron & Step is a completely custom-made in our shop, tailored to your specific building needs and from field measurements exclusively. We can completely design, fabricate and install a brand new stairway designed to match the to the style of your existing designed railings or we can create a unique, smooth and elegant look and feel of wrought iron to be featured as a design element of distinction accenting the architectural details throughout your home.

Custom designed wrought iron as an added detail, naturally is a good fit to many homes, it adds an element of stylish beauty and elegant detail both inside and out. Wrought iron can raise your property value as well and add a vital element of security with our custom ornamental Iron Fences and Gates. Call Bison Iron & Step for a free custom measurement and estimate of a wrought iron fence and gate for your home today.

Our Products

Bison steps are made to fit your requirements with safe, non-skid surfaces. These steel-reinforced, pre-cast concrete steps surpass all Local, State, and Federal strength requirements and meet all V.A. and F.H.A. regulations.
  • Bison Steps are easily installed in a few hours.
  • Bison Steps are made back at the shop using a special concrete mix designed for pre-cast steps.
  • Before installing your new step Bison Iron & Step can remove your old step and dispose of all debris.
  • Brick and stone veneer are available for a surcharge.
  • DO NOT use SALT or other chemical de-icers on concrete. Bison Iron & Step recommends: sand, sawdust or kitty litter.
  • Bison Iron & Step Inc. carries a variety of width sizes (3,4,5,6 and 8 Ft) and risers.
  • We have special pricing for cash & carry on 1, 2, and 3 riser steps